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Teacher Grants

ACESS has sponsored Annual Honors and Awards Banquets since 1948 to bring together member societies of ACESS, to recognize outstanding technical talent and to strengthen ties among the members of ACESS, the academic world and distinguished leaders of local industry.

The Honors and Awards Banquet provides a joint forum to recognize outstanding science and mathematics students, to present sponsored scholarships and awards, to recognize the Distinguished Service and ACESS Awards. The banquet concludes with a speaker who presents the state of science and technology in his or her field of experience.

Teacher Grant Application
Submit by July 31, 2020. Download the application

Instructions for Application
These grants are intended for STEM education. Please submit your application describing what the school would do with this one-time grant. These grants should be used to carry out inquiry based activities, to further a science experiment, or to further math or science education at your school.

Your application should include the following information:
  • Name of the school
  • Name of the teacher
  • E-mail address of the teacher
  • Mailing address of the teacher
  • Title of project
  • Grade level(s) of students participating
  • Project summary
  • Relevance to math or science standards
  • Detailed budget
  • Project evaluation plan

Submit Application by July 31, 2020
Decision of the Board of Directors of ACESS will be final, not subject to any appeal and each applicant will be notified by email after the deadline.

Teacher grant awards will be distributed in November 2020 based on funding support from local businesses.


The Mission of ACESS is to enhance the technical environment in the Akron area through coordination and cooperation with the technical societies, industry and academia.

ACESS provides broad industrial and academic representation and a widely diversified science and technology source.  Detached from special interest groups, it offers an excellent opportunity for effective informative public service.

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