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BEN Talks

This is Bens' blaha
Talk about my story.
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Code Creations

Code Creations is a program where students use Lego Mindstorms or EV3 robots to learn C. It is geared for early programming and has been successfully used in 4th grade classrooms and afterschool programs.
The C language the students use for programming...
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Girls in Motion

The Girls in Motion program is a Kent School District program. It will be shared in the NEOHSTEM Sow STEM library of programs.
Coming soon. More information to come.
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My Take on Science

My Take On Science is a video competiton for students to create a 3-5 minute video on a single STEM project or research, on the current or future state of STEM, or a public service announcement on topics related to STEM or the environment.
The competition...
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NEOHBots (Northeastern Ohio Robotics Alliance) is an organization aimed to promote STEM awareness through the creation of FIRST teams in Northeast Ohio. The team here at NEOH Bots is looking forward to an exciting year!
NEOHBots is an organization with...
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Nobel Science

Nobel Science is program to uncover the hidden stories of the best happening science, told in a way that is understandable by the entire family.
The kickoff event of Nobel Science at the Science Cafe at the Akron Library will celebrate women in science...
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Sow STEM is a program which will build a network of parent groups in northeast Ohio to create a shared capability of extracurricular STEM programs. Currently these STEM opportunities are only available when parent groups create and manage them. This is ... click to page

Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring is a program to support STEM project fair season. On a saturday morning, scientists and engineers gather in a room for students to meet with and ask questions to develop components of their science project with a mentor. Students ... click to page

STEM Project Fair

The NEOHSTEM Project Fair has been through many versions. We started in 2008 the Hudson PTO and created a small program in the Hudson Library that provided students with opportunity to present their projects. The program grew to a Middle School ... click to page

STEM Voices Inverted Science Fair

An inverted science fair is when area researchers (undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral students and faculty) and other interested science professionals to present their research to K-12 students. This will be the kickoff event for the 2020 STEM project ... click to page

Website Contributor Program

Content coming soon
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The Mission of ACESS is to enhance the technical environment in the Akron area through coordination and cooperation with the technical societies, industry and academia.

ACESS provides broad industrial and academic representation and a widely diversified science and technology source.  Detached from special interest groups, it offers an excellent opportunity for effective informative public service.

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