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ACESS History & Past Presidents
During the years since its founding in 1946, ACESS has been fortunate in having had many good men and women serve as president. We thank the following individuals for giving of their time and energy to help, maintain, and guide the Council.
Past President Year Society
2016 Michael Askew ASME
2015 David Perry ACS
2014 Robert Osterhout IEEE
2013 Lloyd A Goettler SPE
2012 Missi Zender-Sakach ACS
2011 Michael Dowell ACS
2010 Ken Batcher ACM
2009 Gregg Loesch ASCE
2008 Gregg Loesch ASCE
2007 Gregg Loesch ASCE
2006 Dan Jones ACS, AIChE, SPE
2005 Brent SIsler ADSPE, ASME
2004 Dan Jones ACS, AIChE, SPE
2003 Anoop Krishen ACS
2002 Michael S Powers ASME
2001 Michael J Buza ASME
2000 R L Buchanan ADSPE
1999 R L Buchanan ADSPE
1998 Paul Keck  IEEE
1997 Michael J Buza ASME
1996 Gary R Lanier IEEE
1995 Thomas Bute ACS
1994 Jeffrey Bechtel IEEE
1993 Kenneth Batcher ACM
1992 Rob Ludlum IEEE
1991 Daniel Gleghorn AHA
1990 Gary R Lanier IEEE
1989 Nils E Nilsson ADSPE
1988 Thomas Knupp AIHA
1987 Gene C White ASQC
1986 Joseph N Feil AIChE
1985 Raymond D Gates ACS
1984 Marian M Rousek ACS
1983 R L Buchanan IEEE
1982 William Budd AIChE
1981 William Budd AIChE
1980 Anoop Krishen ACS
1979 Walt Ruthenburg AIChE
1978 John Kekela IEEE
1977 Renato Ciccolini SME
1976 Peter A Zizes ASQC
1975 John C McCool ACS
1974 Clifton A Byers ADSPE
1973 George H Welch IEEE
1972 Wm Moorehouse AIChE
1971 M J Rzasa ADSPE
1970 R H Schmidt ADSPE
1969 G J Ujlaki SME
1968 H H Fall OIC-AIC
1967 L E Straka ACS
1966 D C Dague ASQC
1965 E J MacDonald ADSPE
1964 Clyde Walden ASQC
1963 P R Giaradot ACS
1962 John A Glass AIChE
1961 H E Pfeiffer ASME
1961 L A Harris AIChE
1960 S J Mihelick AIEE
1959 L E Bunts ASME
1958 T H Rogers AIChE
1957 W A Strong ACS
1956 P O Huss AIEE
1955 P M Lindstedt AIChE
1954 A W Carpenter ADSPE
1953 A B Heiberg ASME
1952 R B McCurdy ASME
1951 E C Partridge ACS
1950 C R Reid AIEE
1949 E D Barstow ADSPE
1948 J Grotzinger AIEE
1947 D Cornell ASME
1946 T C Dee AIEE
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