Banquet Registration

  1. The ACESS Honors & Awards Banquet will be held on Thursday November 8, 2018 at Guy's Party Center, 500 E Waterloo Road, Akron Ohio.
  2. Reservations must be made and paid for no later than October 25, 2018@. Payment can be made by PayPal (with no added charges) or by sending a check to:
    P.O. Box 2993
    Akron OH 44309-2993.
  3. ACESS will pay for the dinner of the Best Science/Math High School Student Winner chosen by his/her school and one of his/her guests.
  4. ACESS will pay for the dinner of the Teacher Grant winner.
  5. ACESS will pay for the Science Fair winner and or of his/her guests.
  6. Those receiving complimentary tickets (as mentioned above) must make a reservation using this form, even if they are not bringing any guests.
  7. Dinner cost is $32.00 and student dinner cost is $17.00.
  8. For any questions, email or phone (440)781-6531 or (330)535-8835.
Registration Information
Phone Number format: (xxx-xxx-xxxx) List your school if you are a BestScience/Math High School Students, Scholarship Winner, Teacher Grant Recipient, and/or Science Fair Winner. List your Organization, Business, and Member Society Affiliation, otherwise.
Are you an award recipient?
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