PURPOSE There are many service and professional organizations that compete for the talents and time of competent individuals and far too few of such people to fill these organizations' needs. To be a vital group and therefore better serve the societies of ACESS, a cadre of people with ACESS experience and knowhow are needed. It is therefore the purpose of this award, to give intelligent recognition to selected persons who, through a span of time and very special modes of activities, have served the organizations well. It is thus hoped that this award will provide continued incentive to strive for.
QUALIFICATIONS This award, to be worthwhile, must include_once sufficient qualifications that only those who have, over a sufficient span of years, benefited ACESS in both quantitative and qualitative natures. The minimum requirements for nomination are:
PROCEDURE Nominations may be made by:
  • Anyone that has ever held an office in ACESS.
  • Anyone that has been a chairman of a committee or a member of a committee.
  • Anyone who has been a society delegate.

Past Award Recipients

Award Winner Year
Mr. Robert J Erdman. 2018
Ms. Sheila King 2017
Dr. Mike Askew 2016
Dr. David Perry 2015
Mr. Robert R.Osterhout 2014
Mr. Gregg Loesch 2013
Mr. Brent Sisler 2007
Dr. Dan Jones 2005
Ms. Jan Ruthenburg 2004
Dr. E Charles Galloway 2003
Ms. Ruth Murray 1999
Mr. Michael J Buza 1998
Dr. Kenneth E Batcher 1997
Mr. Thomas Bute 1996
Mr. Dan Gleghorn 1995
Mr. Gary Lanier 1994
Mr. Thomas W Knupp 1992
Mr. Joseph N Feil 1991
Mr. Marshall P Hyden 1990
Dr. Raymond D Gates 1989
Dr. Anoop Krishen 1987
Ms. Marian M Rousek 1986
Mr. Richard L Buchanan 1985
Mr. William Budd 1984
Mr. Durward P Roberts 1983
Mr. John Kekela/ Mr. Walt J Ruthenburg 1982
Mr. Clifford A Byers 1981
Mr. Renato Ciccolini 1980
Dr. Richard Koelker 1979
Mr. James Christman 1978
Mr. Peter A. Zizes 1977
Dr. John C. McCool 1976
Ms. Lois W. Brock 1975
Mr. George J. Ujlaki 1974
Mr. Matthew Rosenstock 1973
Mr. Raymond W. Drushel 1972
Mr. Raymond France/ Mr. Delmer C. Dague 1971
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