Distinguished Award
PURPOSE The Distinguished Award of Council has been presented annually since 1959 to an outstanding Akron area citizen. This award honors the recipient for his/her involvement in civic activities as well as technical and managerial abilities. It is this type of outstanding involvement, which increases the prestige and enhances the image of the engineering and scientific profession.
QUALIFICATIONS In reviewing the qualifications of potential nominees for this distinguished award, technical achievements and discoveries, managerial ability, activity in professional societies (not only locally, but nationally), should be considered. However, greater emphasis should be placed on civic involvement and work on various citizen's committees and other civic organizations including charitable groups, church and government organizations, youth groups and the like. The foregoing would include_once for consideration of the Distinguished Award of Council, those individuals who fulfill the above requirements, yet are not necessarily engineers or scientists. However, their work must include_once either membership in a technical society, not necessarily an ACESS member, or must interface with technical policies and decision making.
PROCEDURE Nominations may be submitted by societies or individual members and should contain complete information about the candidates. The following type of information is required:
  • Personal Data - Name, Address, Family status, etc.
  • Civie Achievements - Describe activities, offices held special accomplishments, awards, etc.
  • Professional Achievements - Awards, honors, patents, job titles, responsibilities, accomplishments, etc.
  • Professional Society Achievements - Society membership, offices held, awards, special recognitions, etc.

Past Award Recipients

Distinguished Award of Council Year
Mr David W James 2018
The Lebron James Family Founcation 2017
Mr. Jeff Hoffmann 2016
Ms. Lillian Prince 2015
Dr. William Landis 2014
Dr. Satyendra Kumar 2013
Dr. Barry M Rosenbaum 2012
Mr. Robert Handlos 2011
Dr. Michael Askew 2010
Mr Clark G Reed 2009
Dr. Nick Triantafillopoulos 2008
Dr. A R Chowdhury 2007
Dr. George R Newkome 2006
Mr. George J Sacco 2005
Mayor Donald L Plusquellic 2004
Mr. Thomas C Sawyer 2003
Mr. Willaim J Bandy,Jr 2002
Dr. Kathleen Sparrow 2001
Dr. Luis M Proenza 2000
Dr. E. Charles Galloway 1999
Mr. David L. Yeager 1998
Mr. Willard R. Holland 1997
Dr. Sundar Aggarwal 1996
Dr. Frank N. Kelley 1995
Dr. Krishna C. Baranwal 1994
Dr. Adel F. Halasa 1993
Dr. Edwin J. C. Sobey 1992
Dr. Russell A. Livigni 1991
Dr. Joginder Lal 1990
Mr. Edwin W. Oldham 1989
Mr. T. H. Barrett 1988
Dr. Louis A. Hill Jr. 1987
Mr. F. Vincent Prus 1986
Mr. Robert A. Handelman 1985
Dr. Charles P. Radar 1984
Mr. Delmer C. Dague 1983
Mr. John H. Gerstenmaier 1982
Mr. Robert O. Lankenau 1981
Dr. Robert J. Fawcett 1980
Mr. Robert M. Pierson 1979
Mr. W. Bruce Mansfield 1978
Glen A. Atwood 1977
Dr. Henry A. Pace Dr. 1976
Mr. Louis E. Bunts 1975
Mr. Mario A. DeFederico 1974
Dr. James D. D'lanni 1973
Dr. Elbert E. Gruber 1972
Mr. Harry B. Warner 1971
Mr. William G. Hulbert 1970
Mr. Morris B. Jobe 1969
Mr. Thomas H. Rogers 1968
Dr. G. E. P. Smith. Jr. 1967
Mr. Russell DeYoung 1966
Mr. Arthur Kelly 1965
Mr. Walter H. Sammis 1964
Mr. A. J. Gracia 1963
Mr. Wendell R. LaDue 1962
Mr. J. E. Trainer 1961
Dr. Waldo L. Semon 1960
Dr. R. P. Dinsmore 1959

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