Teacher Grant Reflection Report: Monique Binkley,
Garfield High School, Akron
Designing a Student Zoo
  • Please summarize your major activities in the project. Did you find it necessary to adjust the planned activities and/or timetable? If so explain. Based on your experience with this project describe anything you would do differently next time.
    • Students researched an organism of their choice that can be found in the Akron Zoo. Students were required to type a 3-5 page paper, use a minimum of 3 sources (one non-internet resource), and include_once information gained from the zoo instructors.
    • After the zoo field trip, students were asked to create a 3-D exhibit for their organism that they could present to the Akron Zoo Board. One representative from the board did attend to hear a few of their presentations. She was impressed with their designs and the knowledge they gained from this experience.
    • I've always wanted to this activity with a field trip and felt very lucky to be given the chance. My students were very excited to go behind the scenes of the zoo exhibits and have an opportunity to talk to the instructors about their careers and what they do.
  • Describe setbacks you encountered during the grant project and how you addressed them. Most of my setbacks were caused by my district's procedures for field trips. The paperwork for getting a substitute teacher and transportation was little difficult, but in the end worth the hardship. The zoo was extremely helpful and accommodating.
  • If you were publicizing the single most important outcome of your work, what headline would you write for your news release? Garfield High School Students Make Recommendations for new zoo exhibits!
  • What measures were used to evaluate your progress? Please attach copies of any evaluation reports. A rubric was used to evaluate the research paper and 3-D model. Attached is the rubric used.
  • Please attach actual project budget. And include_once any in-services or other funding resources. Was it necessary for you to make any changes to the proposed project budget? If so, please explain.
  • Budget:
    • Transportation for 2 vans $ 170
    • Substitute teacher $140
    • Behind the scenes tour $80
    • How to design an exhibit talk $80
    • Zoo tickets $80
    • Total $550
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