Teacher Grant Reflection Report: Janeen Beresh,
Place Value Scramble
Designing a Student Zoo
  • My project was geared at peers teaching one another. I had two math games that the third grade students taught. The first game "Hurry to One Hundred" was taught to the first grade students. We ended up having a time conflict so my third graders had to teach the game not on Math Day, but the day before. It went well and now the first grade teacher uses the game as a math center. As for the second game, "Place Value Giveaway," we had a much easier time integrating it into "Math day." The third graders taught that game to the second graders. If I were to do this project again I would focus on my third graders teaching only one grade level. I would also spend more time making sure my students really knew the game. We practiced and played the game for over two weeks before the event, but I had a few students who had a hard time verbalizing the game to the second grade students. I was there to assist so the concept was not lost. The second grade teacher has kept the game pieces and materials. She plans on using the game throughout the year. She said the game matched perfectly with what she was teaching in math. She could not thank me enough for sharing my students with hers!
  • The biggest setback was time! I wish I would have given my students more opportunities to practice. Maybe if I do this another time I could send the materials home and have them practice with a parent. The good news is that we can go back to first and second grade at anytime and play the games again. We plan on doing that in May after the OAAs.
  • A perfect headline for this project would be: Children really do learn from one another!!
  • The project was evaluated in two ways: 1) the first grade students discussed the game after it was played. We talked about how you could prove that you had one hundred. 2) the second grade students discussed and wrote about how to play the game. The majority of students in grade two were able to communicate the goal of the game through words and pictures. (Pictures are attached)
  • Budget
    • I did make changes to what I purchased. I was able to find the base ten blocks for less money with Lakeshore Learning. As a result of saving money on the base ten blocks, I was able to purchase other 'place value'-themed math material. The staff members at Lawndale used the other merchandise for "Math Day." It was a win- win situation because I was able to stretch the money and more Lawndale students benefited from the grant. Since "Math Day" is over, I have encouraged the teachers to come into my room and use all of the wonderful materials from this grant.
    • Original Budget: $480 = ETA Cuisenaire Base Ten Block kits (3), dice (20 pairs), index cards
    • Budget changes: $486.52 ($6.52 over budget) I found Base ten Block kits for less w/ Lakeshore and was able to purchase five additional items that supplemented the Lawndale "Math Day." Those items were: Place Value Move and Learn Math Activity Mats; Problem Solving Card Bank, grades 2-4 and grades 4-6; PV Bingo; Solve and check PV Sliders.
Thank you so much for allowing me to use these resources. Thank you for extending this grant to teachers. I believe these grant resources will continue to teach the Akron Public students for many more years to come!
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