Teacher Grant Reflection Report: Elaine Dria
Our Lady of the Elms
  • Please summarize your major activities in the project? Did you find it necessary to adjust the planned activities and /or timetable? If so explain. Based on your experience with this project describe anything you would do differently next time.
  • The major activities in this project were supposed to be one full team of a 15 ladies. The response to the topic generated two teams, one from the High School level and one from the Middle school level. With this change it was necessary to find more funding from the school itself. The high school team held together well and worked with me and parent coaches routinely to grow in their chosen events. The middle school team found little time to meet, and after 11 signed up and I registered the team, only three remained to compete. Next year one of my colleagues and I plan to start a club to meet once a month and build interest in these activities before we need to register a team.
  • Describe setbacks you encountered during the grant project and how you addressed them.
  • The initial setback was the need to pay for two teams. The Parent Club funded one of the teams and I used grant money for the other. Another setback was the 7th graders signing up and coming to meetings saying they would participate and then deciding not to because it was too much work or too much time. I am still not sure how to address this second setback; however, I think if we start meeting at the beginning of the school year and work with events that change little from time to time, we may build more interest and that those students may become motivated to carve time out in their schedules.
  • If you were publicizing the single most important outcome of your work, what headline world you write for your news release?
  • Elms Olympiad teams positioned to grow as interest in competition soar.
  • There were only three students out of the 15 that did not place in the top ten in at least one event.5. Please attach actual project budget. And include_once and in-services or other funding resources. Was it necessary for you to make any changes to the proposed project budget? If so please explain.
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