Teacher Grant Reflection Report: Rootstown Elementary School Weather Station
The weather station was purchased and then installed late in the fall. Students learned how to use the weather station to chart temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity and rainfall. Since weather was the first unit we completed in science this year, the station was used primarily to revisit and reinforce the concepts of weather learned earlier in the year. With the weather station now installed, next year it will be able to be more fully utilized at the beginning of the unit as weather is introduced and studied. I believe once the teacher becomes more familiar with the weather station, it will become a more intricate part of the weather unit each year. Since weather was a new area for me, I worked hard this year to stay one step ahead of my students. I am now much more comfortable with the topic of weather and am more familiar with how the weather station operates. "Students Learn Real-Life Applications of Science with Weather Station" Students graphed weather over a period of time looking for trends. I had difficulty finding weather charting graphs that were appropriate for 4th grade students; they were either too primary with pictures or too complicated. For the next weather unit I would work to create something more appropriate for students to use. $430 was spent for the weather station and the remaining $70 was used to purchase clipboards and graphing supplies, so no changes were made to the initial budget. During the weather unit I was able to have TV 5's weather anchor, Christine Ferrara, visit for an assembly. Ms. Ferrara presented a wonderful slide show that complemented our weather unit. There was no cost for her presentation.
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