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kim 1/28/2017 laptop chrome First off - Site looks Terrific!! sounds like it was well received. Worth my 50 hours and my design acumen!rnI would recommend reducing height of slider to 3 in (0.5in above border) 1/28/2017. Complete. Also fixed the mobile header - so you can see them both.
Sheila King 1/30/2017 laptop Chrome YP button "learn more" does not vector to young professionals page 2/5/2017 Complete. Added young professional forms.
Sheila King 1/30/2017 Grant report links do not vector to teacher reports 2/5/2017 Complete. Added content
Bob Osterhout 2/23/2017 laptop firefox Member Societies and Delegates The IEEE information dates back to roughly 2012 and I suspect for other societies as well. Current information for IEEE Chair = James Dowey and Delegates are Robert Osterhout and James Dowey. Suggest scrubbing all society chair and delegates against the roster Brent Sisler maintains.
Robert Osterhout 2/23/2017 Laptop FireFox Calendar Not obvious if there is a way to get a more tabular calendar of society events. This would be helpful to society delegates so they could print a list of upcoming events to review at their society monthly meeting. With the current format this would burn a lot of ink and paper. It would also be more convenient to quickly scan for relevant program titles without having to sequence through all the other associated data.
Mike Dowell 6/9/2017 Not a device issue! Under Advisory Council, Ferncez, Landis and Weinert have left the Advisors but Joe Mattingly has joined. Global Technology Project Management Advisor, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, 200 Innovation Way, Akron, OH 44316; (330)796-6596;
Kim 3/1/2017 Ipad, iPhone and windows desktop When click on menu advisory council the calendar pops up
Sheila King 3/6/2017 laptop ie sockets submit

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