News stories for Akron Council of Engineering and Science Societies

News stories for Akron Council of Engineering and Science Societies
ACESS-ible Announces
Bridging the Gap and Growing STEM

ACESS-ible, an affiliate of Akron Council of Engieering and Science Societies, announces a partnership with Northeast Ohio STEM Alliance (NEOHSTEM Alliance). NEOHSTEM Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization of parents and STEM professionals with the mission to promote and support K-12 activities in STEM.

This year, the NEOHSTEM Alliance kicked off a new program, Sow STEM, which will build a network of parent groups in northeast Ohio to create a shared capability of extracurricular STEM programs. Currently these STEM opportunities are only available when parent groups create and manage them. This is a heavy burden for small parent groups. The Sow STEM program will bring together parent groups across school districts to collaborate and create program materials that can be shared and hopefully rebuild the extracurricular STEM opportunities that interest students in STEM careers.

The partnership with NEOHSTEM Alliance will bring parent groups interested in providing their children and school with STEM opportunities together with the STEM professionals, mentors, and graduate students of the memebership of ACESS-ible. These two groups will support the Sow STEM network and build the extracurricular capibility of the northeast Ohio region.

Phase one will be to create a library of STEM programs from current parent groups and STEM educators. This includes program materials and startup guidance and support. If necessary, program content can be augmented, updated, and documented to be in a shareable form.

Phase two will be for the interested parent groups to collaborate with local resources to create new STEM competitions.

The partnership will kickoff in January 2020 with a video competition. Students can create a 3-5 minute video of a particular STEM project or topic, a discussion status of current or future science or STEM, or a public serivce video on any science or environmental related topic. The rules will be published in January at the kickoff. See Sow STEM information.

For more information about ACESS-ible go to ACESS-ible information. To join ACESS-ible go to Signup Genius listing.

For more information about Sow STEM go to Sow STEM information. To join Sow STEM as a liaison to a school or district, go to Signup Genius listing.


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