News stories for Akron Council of Engineering and Science Societies

News stories for Akron Council of Engineering and Science Societies
ACESS announces a new member affiliate...
ACESS-ible: a New "@-large" Community for STEM Professionals

ACESS-ible is an affiliate of ACESS (Akron Council of Engineering and Science Societies); we are STEM professionals, students, enthusiasts and educators with the mission to bridge the gap in science inspiration between the science community and the public.

Please join us by either becoming a member, liaison to a school district or PTA/PTO, or as one of our mentors for events such as Noble Science, Inverted Science Fair, and (online) Burning Questions in STEM.

Graduate and undergraduate students are most approachable of the STEM mentor community and are participating in some of the newest research. These qualities are greatly desired in bridging the STEM gap with the public. STEM professionals provide experience and deep science understanding, STEM enthusiasts provide science wonder and excitement, and educators provide underrstanding of the students and community we are trying to reach. This combination of members could be a catalyst of STEM interest, awareness, activity, and understanding in our community. Join us!


The Mission of ACESS is to enhance the technical environment in the Akron area through coordination and cooperation with the technical societies, industry and academia.

ACESS provides broad industrial and academic representation and a widely diversified science and technology source.  Detached from special interest groups, it offers an excellent opportunity for effective informative public service.

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