News stories for Akron Council of Engineering and Science Societies

News stories for Akron Council of Engineering and Science Societies
Delayed plans....
Online Communication Summit to Replace P&A Meeting for 2020

ACESS has a yearly networking meeting in April we like to call the Presidents and Advisor meeting. This year, due to the coronavirus, we will not be able to gather as we usually do. However, we have been working to step up our communication and have a plan. Part of the plan is to use the communication platform to step up our outreach.

A Communication Summit - Date TBD
We decided in the March ACESS BoD meeting to continue with the content of the planned P&A meeting, move to online and rename the meeting the Online Communication Summit.

We will be working with folks we had planned to present at the P&A meeting to see if they are still available for the Communication Summit. These included students at University of Akron we met at the eWeek banquet. We would like to hear from the on how they are using social media and communications to outreach. And We would like to hear from them on their needs so ACESS can outreach to the University science and engineering students, teams or societies.

We will also be working with folks at the University of Akron who have outreach responsibility to students and the community including from the Urban STEM Center and Women in Engineering to provide content to our Summit.

ACESS Member Societies to Participate
We have counselled with Gretchen Cermak at the Rubber Division on marketing and communications. She indicated we need to better understand the current state of member society outreach and communications - so we are asking for this information for the Summit from each of the member societies.

Brainstorming who ACESS can aid current at home learning.
Another topic to be covered at the Online Communication Summit is what content can we provide the online community when the students are at home. Entertainers are providing live online concerts, artists are providing online drawing and doodle classes. We can provide STEM content in many forms such as stories, activities, and science understanding. We will be discussing this - so come with your ideas.


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